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Very nice work, this simulation is amazing. I feel like I'm really killing Hitler

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i use Xpand!2 too

how did you get it ?

Kemor responds:

I got it from the AKAI MPK MINI MKII.. Pretty much a mini keyboard.

fl studio 4ever

i agree with pawles22

sorry for this feedback

I don't like this song.

the lead is not bad but it sounds bad (there is a frequency that is too loud)

the first pad is weird because the notes don't correspond to the scale used (it's good after)

the drums are boring (it would be fine with hi hats)

the bass is very good

Here I told you all the faults of this music without telling you its qualities. They are not absent but for a medium music (for me) it's better to say its faults rather than its qualities. That way, the next will only be better!

That's all. I am sorry

pawles22 responds:

Don't be sorry man! I won't be mad at you for stating your opinion! :D

We just all have different taste. Just because I personally disagree with what you said doesn't mean I'll hate you, even though I really like this song myself :P

All I expect from people is to say the truth! Like you pointed out - there's no place for improvement if you lie or skip the bad sides of the song!

I don't see what's wrong with the lead honestly, I find it okay actually. Besides, the tool I used didn't even allow me to make it better.

I don't know what's wrong with the first pad, either. It's the same as all of the other ones, uses the same scale and has the same structure.

As for the drums, I didn't want to make it a fast-paced song, so I skipped hi-hats.

Again, thanks for stating your opinion! Peace! :)

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