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You shouldn't use the same synth for bass and lead. It makes weird. And sometimes, try changing the drum pattern.

But I like the drum samples

pawles22 responds:

They aren't the same synths... they are just similar :P

I would probably change the drum pattern, but it wasn't such a great song in my opinion anyway. Thanks for your opinion, though. I appreciate it! :)

I like these drops and the part at 3:29 .
Personally, I like this track BUT I think there are defects
There's a problem of rythm in the first part, When you use a delay, make sure you have adjusted the tempo sync.
In the drop, there are not enough low frequencies, you should have added a sub.
The qualities are that DRUMS, THERE ARE SO INCREDIBLE.
The chords are pretty cool! (and untypical)
You must continue in this way (but with a better mix) and you will be able to produce really cool songs!

And, fuck stall and chansey(and soft boiled) ... sorry ...

SoFtBOILeD responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I try to get as much feedback as I can to try to inprove them for later projects. I won't lie and say that I did feel, after uploading it, that the melody with the beginning to the beginning of the "cool down" was off.

Also I am not offended by the Chansey shenanigans, I struggle with Chansey when literally all of my physical attackers and stall mons are just DEAD.

Thanks again for providing me with the reasoning for your rating!

I have never heard anything so epic in my whole life

a bit weird but for a first track I think It's good

Great job ! I think you should add a little snare when there's a kick

pawles22 responds:


Huh, maybe you're right. Maybe it would sound a little better with a subtle snare? :P

It's incredible! I really like that. If I had to say something, I'd say that the beginning is a little bit harsh for a beginning.

Spline-1337 responds:

Thank! I'm glad you liked it!

I love the drums

and this phat bass

Amazing, very good

pawles22 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

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